Description passive, lightweight, fast responding and compact subwoofer designed for those hard to reach places

Bandwidth 39 Hz - 140 Hz (-6 dB preset depending)

Max SPL 123 dB SPL @ 1m with preset

Power 450 watts AES/ 900 watts continuous @ 8Ω

Directivity omnidirectional

Elements (4) 5” low frequency drivers, (1) 10” passive radiator

Impedance 8 Ω

Connectors 1 - NL4 hidden from view under cabinet

IP Rating               IP55 indoor/outdoor 

Rigging                 floor supported- no rigging, no holes, no branding

Weight 30.8 lbs. / 14 kg

Construction        Birch ply, stainless steel, 3d spacer fabric

Accessories         you only need a floor

Physical                11.7” (298 mm) x 6.9” (175 mm) x 23.5” (596 mm)

Ultra compact and powerful lightweight floor subwoofer.

Its unique design with a clean look enables more available positioning.   





A Multidirectional Subwoofer

that offers cardioid, sub cardioid (end fire)

and omnidirectional modes

Parallel or perpendicular wall placements



SUB CARDIOID (end fire) @65 hz



Description A passive multidirectional subwoofer (DSP dependent) with positioning options

Bandwidth 35 Hz - 120 Hz (-6 dB preset depending)

Max SPL 128 dB SPL @ 1m with omni preset

Power 300+300 watts AES/ 600+600 watts continuous @ 8Ω

Directivity omnidirectional, sub cardioid (end fire) and cardioid with DSP presets

Elements (2) 10" low frequency drivers

Impedance (2) 8Ω, 4 wire operation

Connectors 2 -NL4

IP Rating               IP55 indoor/ outdoor 

Rigging                 8 points M10

Weight 65.4 lbs. (29.7 kg)

Construction        Birch ply, stainless steel, 3d spacer fabric

Accessories         M10 eyebolts

Physical               12” (305 mm) x 16” (405 mm) x 28” (720 mm)