A two channel point source loudspeaker system,

featuring M+S SPEAKER Technology.

Mono surrounded by the width of stereo.


MS technology starts with L&R and divides it into a mono (mid) plus sides. From there, the MS is arranged in this compact loudspeaker system preserving the true mono while surrounding the listener with a spacious stereo image. 

As a stand alone mono loudspeaker (switch and preset dependent) it can becomes a horizontal line source helping to preserve its off axis frequency response while adding 4 more db of gain.

This loudspeaker is “1 of a kind”  as a front fill, under balcony, monitor and an installed distributed system. 



Description M+S, 2 channel coaxial with an optional mono line source switch (dsp dependent)

Bandwidth 95hz to 18khz (-6db)

Max SPL 114 db @ 1m with preset

Power 90+90 watts AES/ 180+180 watts continuous @ 16Ω

Directivity 70° conical

Elements (1) 4” coaxial w/ 1” HF compression driver, (2) 4” full range, (2) 3.5” passive radiators

Impedance 16 Ω

Connectors 2 - NL4 plus a switch which changes M+S mode to mono line source mode

IP Rating               IP55 indoor/outdoor 

Rigging                 4 points M6

Weight 9.4 lbs / 4.3kg

Construction        Birch ply, stainless steel, 3d spacer fabric

Accessories         U-bracket for wall, truss, mic stand, ceiling / active floor stand / swivel wall mount

Physical               13.5” (346 mm) x 5.5'“ (144 mm) x 7.5” (197 mm)