1 SOUND is a new professional loudspeaker company, manufacturing in the USA. We are a company that provides creative audio solutions for the needs of the commercial sound industry. 

Who we are

1 SOUND was created and founded by Lou Mannarino.  Lou has been working in the audio and music industry for over 35 years, mixing artists including Paul McCartney, Jay-Z, Bon Jovi and The New York Philharmonic.  He has designed audio systems for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center for the Arts, The Four Seasons Hotels and many other notable venues. Lou is the founder of L&M Sound & Light.

1 SOUND is made up of a team of talented and experienced audio professionals that contribute to every aspect of the process from design and fabrication to distribution and implementation.

WHere we are

All 1 SOUND speaker system are manufactured in the USA. While almost all current manufacturers in the pro audio industry are now manufacturing overseas, manufacturing in the USA gives 1 SOUND the advantages of quick turnaround times, control over the supply chain and the prestige of the Made in the USA label.

Why WE are

There are many quality brands available worldwide, however few are manufacturing in the USA. Since the USA is the biggest market in the audio industry we believe speakers should be built and stocked in the USA. 

We are creating loudspeakers using the very best materials available while maintaining the highest standards.

Providing audio solutions,

1 SOUND at a time